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saewel, art by s o l (n.) , source of French soleil (10c.)。ex: crossingxboundaries & takouyou ✞ do not post and/or distribute material without permission。





Sally please never delete your fics like say you eventually fall out of love with the gazette or aoiha PLEASE leave your writings there because they are so beautiful<3

I won’t honey :)

why the sudden paranoia? 

just wanted to share my ootd today wearing out my BM bag & teddy~ ♡

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"I no longer have the energy for meaningless friendships, forced interactions or unnecessary conversations."
--(via sugarysuccubus)


reblog if you are into bondage or if you like french fries


Me and my friend @daisyrox45 tagged you in a prompt did you notice?? It was a joke about there being no lube in the room so uruha had to use SODA on Aoi. We were like oh yeah let's get Sally to write a fic on how it tingles for the princess :0 sorry lol

no I didn’t :0 if you want me to see something you’re better off tagging my user in the tags since i track that, and not just @-ing me bc i was kinda busy the past week & i don’t check my activity page as much

also it would help if i knew who you were lol

though you don’t have to come off anon if you don’t want to


I was just reading the toxic album interview & when they got to the part about Uruha writing 'My Devil On The Bed' Aoi said "yep that song is classic of evil professor Uruha" and OMG Sally all I could think of was you and your damn fics and now I'm just fanning myself like what is this. I mean that naughty Sensei Kou is EVERYWHERE. Fuckdamn.

evil professor kouyou thanks you for the thought